Fair Development is a social enterprise  that provides affordable and appropriate consultancy and training for small charities.  Our Collective of charity specialists is led by our Founder Vic Hancock Fell who has lived and breathed small charity life for almost 15 years. 

"It was like small NGO therapy 101" - Lonny Chen, Founder of MOYODEI

"The best training I've been on since lockdown began" - Trainee, The FSI

Why small charity support?

The majority of the charity sector is made up of small and micro organisations doing incredible work. But, appropriate and affordable consultancy for charities of this size is frustratingly limited.


Vic founded Fair Development in 2016 to fill this gap in provision. If you have gone as far as you can with the help of your committed volunteers and the great free support out there for small charities, and you're ready to invest in your charity's future, in an affordable way, then Fair Development might be a good fit for you. 


For charities via membership or umbrella bodies or for Board members, staff or volunteers in-house. We provide small charity training pitched at varying levels from beginner to advanced. Currently we deliver training in collaboration with The FSI, SWIDN and Hub Cymru Africa, and OCVA

We can provide training in most topics from fundraising, governance, digital marketing, campaign fundraising, strategic planning, monitoring evaluation, partnership management, safeguarding programme design and delivery.


There are so many amazing consultants and freelancers out there who do brilliant work with smaller charities. We've saved you the job of scouring the internet for high quality and trustworthy consultants by curating an ever-growing Collective of amazing charity sector folk who can support you with everything from grant writing, major donor fundraising and finance management to impact assessment, programme design and management. 

All members of The Collective are vetted by our due diligence procedures and offer the standard Fair Development rates that we believe are truly affordable for smaller charities.


Vic has almost 15 years' experience in working at the coalface in smaller charities. She has lived and breathed small charity life as a volunteer, Trustee and employee. In recent years she has carved out her niche in crisis, transition and change management, organisational development and strategy in smaller charities and loves to support smaller charities to turn chaos into order through short to medium term interim leadership support. If your small charity is facing a particularly challenging time, is at a transitionary moment or simply needs an experienced small charity leader to offer some guidance and advice then interim leadership support may be a good option. 

"The best training I've been on since lockdown began" - Trainee, The FSI


Contact us and find out more about our work. Our wide network of consultants can provide a range of services.

For any queries, please email Vic at vic@fairdevelopment.co.uk. 

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