Fair Development is a social enterprise that provides affordable and appropriate practical support and advice to small charities, with a particular interest in charities working in global development.

We support organisations to transform, grow and secure future sustainability.


 There are over 136,000 registered small and micro charities in the UK, making up 82% of all charities. More than half of them (58%) have an income under £10,000. Over 95% of the UK’s international development sector is made up of small organisations; yet, appropriate and affordable support for charities of this size is limited.


Fair Development was founded in 2016 to support these organisations to survive, thrive and secure future sustainability. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customised, unique strategies. Fair Development initially focused on supporting charities working in global development but now also provides support to small and micro charities working across the UK in other sectors of work. 

Fair Development is run by people who have lived and breathed small charity life, our Collective of consultants  have personal experience of the challenges and advantages of working in a small or micro charity.

"Fair Development was a great fit for us as a small charity starting a formal strategic process. Vic was friendly, approachable and great at facilitating discussions and keeping us focused. Together we created an organisation ToC and another for our flagship programme which fed into our organisation strategy development. So much of the guidance surrounding this type of strategy development assumes large teams with large budgets and it was great to find a consultant at affordable prices that understands the constraints and opportunities of a small charity.

Reef World Foundation, April 2021

Fair Development exists to help solve the critical issues facing small charities. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help non-profits facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimise performance and productivity. We provide support to small charities in a range of areas and our support is delivered by people who have direct experience of working in small charities.


For Board members, staff or volunteers in areas such as fundraising, governance, digital marketing, online fundraising, strategic planning, monitoring evaluation, partnership management, programme design and delivery.


Including support with transition and change management, organisational health-checks, trouble-shooting for specific tricky issues, policy, procedures and systems design, implementation and management.


With so many day-to-day responsibilities, strategic review, planning and future- proofing can be a challenge. We can support high-level strategic reviews, strategy development and succession planning to ensure the sustainability of your organisation.


From high-level strategy development to day-to-day implementation, including grants, major donors, community fundraising, individual giving, digital marketing and fundraising, social media, video production, communications, branding, web design and development.


We know you do amazing work, but how can you prove it to donors? More importantly, how can you be sure what you are doing is achieving real impact in the lives of your beneficiaries? We support the creation of robust monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks, impact data collection tools, analysis and reporting.


As a global development charity, the people you work with in the countries you support are vital to your work. We can support capacity building work in-country, partnership acquisition and development.

Helen Leale-Green, CEO of Our Moon Education

“Hywel’s attention to detail and focus on getting to the crux of the issue stand out to me. He is professional, writes well, is very thorough and well organised. We are a very small, young charity and we needed to know that every penny we were spending would count. He quickly understood our organisation and its aims so was able to spend the vast majority of his time researching relevant funding opportunities. Thus, he provided great value for money. I would highly recommend using his services through Fair Development.“


Contact us and find out more about our work. Our wide network of consultants can provide a range of services.

For any queries, please email Vic at vic@fairdevelopment.co.uk

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