Fair Development was founded by Vic Hancock Fell, a small charity sector devotee with over 13 years’ experience of volunteering and working in the small development charity sector in the UK and internationally. Vic was frustrated by the lack of affordable and appropriate consultancy and support for small international development charities. She had got as far as she could at her small organisation, using the incredible support of volunteers, pro-bono consultants and free or low cost training from fabulous organisations like The FSI or Small Charities Coalition. Her small organisation now needed more specific, tailored consultancy but the day rates of a regular charity or development consultant were way out of reach –  so, Fair Development was born.

Fair Development is a social enterprise and all profits are reinvested into support for small charities. Vic's day job is as Co-Director for a small UK charity working in Kenya. She is also a Trustee for two micro/small UK charities and the Founder of Small International Development Charities Network, a Facebook group and support network for small international development charity staff, Trustees and volunteers. Vic is passionate about the role small INGOs play in global development.

In 2018, Paula Alionyte joined the Fair Development leadership team as Co-Founder and spent much of 2018 and 2019 leading the work of Fair Development as Vic took some time away to look after her young daughter and focus on her day job. In 2020, Paula will take a step back from the leadership of Fair Development and will continue to offer her services to small charities as a consultant in our Collective.

The team at Fair Development is led by Vic and is comprised of an ever growing collective of experts from the not-for-profit sector. All members of our collective are experts in their fields and passionate supporters of small charities.  They all work for Fair Development clients at significantly reduced rates, so it is affordable for small and micro charities with limited budgets.