How much will it cost?

We are upfront about our rates because we believe they are truly affordable for small charities and we want you to be able to know right away whether our support is affordable for your charity .

Our rates have been devised through consultation with small charities and are reviewed regularly to ensure they are still affordable for smaller charities.  The rates below are are guide rates and each project is discussed thoroughly to ensure an affordable and appropriate rate for the work being undertaken.

If we think we can signpost or connect you to free support we will always do that as a first port of call.

Day rates by charity size

Each piece of work will be thoroughly scoped out with your chosen consultant(s) to ensure a fair and affordable rate for the work, taking into account length and complexity of the project.

Micro Charity (income under £10k)  - pro-bono wherever possible

Charity income under £250k - £250-£350

Charity income over £250k - £350-£450

Charity income over £1m - £450-550

Who have we worked with?

Since 2016 we've supported hundreds of small charities through consultancy and training. From 2021-2023 Vic is working with The FSI on an FCDO funded capacity building programme for small charities working in the global solidarity space. 

We have worked with non profit organisations from around the world, from those supporting their local communities in the UK to local community based organisations in East Africa.  A small selection of our previous clients is below.